Online Apply Driving License(DL) with website


Driving License

You must have already known about the Driving License or you must have heard about it somewhere. But do you know how to apply for a driving license online and why it is so important? As we know, in today's time, it is mandatory for everyone to have a car or two-wheeler as it is not a matter of everyone to use public transport in this growing population. And people prefer to travel on their own. But buying an empty car is not all because you have to bring a license from the government to run or use it. Online Apply Driving License(DL) with website 

First, a branch of Government will check you whether you are capable of driving the road in the road or you can drive it or not, after that, it will decide whether or not you will permit to drive the car.

 Therefore, you need this driving license very much so that you can drive your car in the streets with ease. But now it comes to how we apply it online. 

So today I thought that why should you give full information about what is the driving license and how to apply it online so that you too can know about it well and you too can tell others about it. Huh. Then, let's start the delay and know what is this driving license.

Online Apply Driving License(DL) with website
Driving License(DL)

What is a Driving License

   The driving license is an official document that is issued by the Government of India. In this, people get a permit that they can officially run their vehicle whether it is the car, motorbike, truck, bus, or any other vehicle on the way or public road. 

The driving license issue in India is handled by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the same state. Under the Motor Vehicles Acts issued in 1988, no citizen can drive on a public road without a driving license. If caught while doing so, he may have to fill it properly.

What Documents are Required for Driving License

  If a citizen is applying for his Driving License, then he should submit all his documents in the right time so that all the required documents are ready in the right time so that the application process of a driving license is smooth and quick. Here I have mentioned about all the below documents so that you will be able to arrange all the documents.

 ➝ Age Proof (requires one of these documents)

1. Birth Certificate

2. PAN Card

3. Passport

4. 10th Classmark sheet

5. Transfer certificate from any school for any class with the date of birth printed on it.

 ➝ Proof of Address required for DL:

  Permanent Proof of address (requires one of these documents):

• Passport

• Aadhaar Card

• Self-owned house agreement

• Electricity bill (issued in applicants name)

• LIC bond

• Voter ID Card

• Ration card

• Current proof of address (any one from the following):

• Rental agreement and electricity bill

• Rental agreement and LPG bill

What is the Online Application Process of Driving License

   Here, I am going to give you complete information about filling Learner's License or Driving License online. Please read this process carefully.

  1. First visit the Sarathi website and download the driving license application form.

2. According to the instructions, fill that form and click on 'Submit'.

3. In the case of Minor applicants, take out the print out of the form and fill up Part D, 

  after that take the signature of your parent/guardian and submit it to your nearest RTO.

4. With this, upload all your documents along with the application form (proof of age, 

  proof of address, learn guilty license number).

5. After submitting the form, a web application number will be generated, keep it 

  securely so that in the future you can track the status of your application with the help of it.

6. Once your application is processed, you will get a notification, which will be sent to you as an SMS.

Driving License website (Issued by States)

Types of Driving License in India

You are provided with a Driving License according to your class of Vehicle. And your eligibility criteria also vary according to different vehicles. Here below I have mentioned about some such popular vehicle classes, whose driving license you can get in India.

Vehicle type

  • Motorcycles whose engine capacity of 50 ccs or less than 50 cc

  • Motorcycles which have gear, motorcycles whose capacity of 50 ccs or more, Light

  • Motor Vehicles (LMVs) including cars

  • All Motorcycles types including Motorcycle with gear

  • Motorcycles of any cc but which do not have gears - including scooters and mopeds

  • Light Motor Vehicle for non-transport purposes

  • Light Motor Vehicle intended for commercial purposes

  • Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle (also referred to as All India driving permit for trucks and cars or open license)

  • Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle

  • Candidates having the license of heavy vehicle driving license can apply for a heavy trailer license

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