Most amazing websites on the internet

   Most amazing websites on the internet   Friends, do you know such Amazing Websites in this world, which hardly anyone knows, which is very difficult to find easily, this Internet world is very big, it has millions of sites, and every Millions of websites are made every day and countless posts are done.

Most amazing websites on the internet
websites on the internet 


1.Fake ID Generator2.Down for Everyone or Just Me
3.Date to Date Calculator4.You can Destroy My Website
5.Find out the exact time6.Flight Radar
7.Cyberthreat The real time map8.Submarine cable map

1. Fake ID Generator: -

With the help of this website, you can make a fake id using all your information, so if you need any such fake id then you can take help of this website, click here to visit this website.


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2.Down for Everyone or Just Me: -

If you have ever noticed, some websites are such that the website is not open even if your internet speed is high, then with the help of this website you can check that that website is not open only in your system. Has been or is having this problem in everyone's system, click here to go to this website.


3.Date to Date Calculator: -

With the help of this website you can calculate the difference between any two dates, like if you want to know your age, then with the help of this website you can calculate your age, click here to visit this website .


4. You can Destroy My Website: -

If you have free time and you are getting bored, then you can pass your time by visiting this Amazing Websites, this website allows you that you can damage this website, there is a lot more fun to do on this website. Which will help you timepass, click here to destroy this website.


5. Find out the exact time

You can find out the exact time from this website, yet we thought that the time of news is absolutely correct, it is not so, you can find the exact time from this site, it can be used to know the time of any country.


6. Flight Radar

With the help of this site we can see the live airplane flight status map of the whole world, that means you can track all the flights live through it, you can see the symbol of the flight in it, you can click on this flight You can take complete information about this, in this you will also see this flight moving ...........

7. Cyberthreat The real time map

This site is exactly 2 no. It is like a site which also sees real time hacking attacks in it and 2 no. In the site, only the graphics design is different, the rest of the work is the same, it must also be seen once. Its graphics design is amazing, in this it has been designed in 3D.

8. Submarine cable map

Submarine cable This cable is made of optical fiber and through this optical fiber cable our internet runs. This cable has been laid through which route all over the world, how and how to say that this cable has been laid, we can find all the details with the help of this website, you can see the map of the submarine cable of the whole world as you can see. See in the picture above 



 We believe that after visiting these 8 cool and interesting websites, you will feel fresh and you will also have a good time information . I like this The Cyberthreat The real time map  the most that you can use to timepass information.  

So which of these websites did you like? In the comment, tell the name of your favorite interesting site and if you know about any good interesting website besides these, then definitely tell about it in the comment section.

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