Amazing websites for fun

 Amazing websites for fun  Nowadays, we all work on many websites every day and sometimes Cool And interesting websites work many times on the same web site in a day. While social networking sites are quite interesting, but after a long time you can feel tired by doing the same work. 

Amazing websites for fun
Then comes a time when we get bored and want to do some interesting things on the internet. 
So are you really bored with the same old websites?

So come and have a look at these few and interesting web sites that will make you 
happy and you will feel fresh after 
coming out of boredom.


1. Hacker Typer

2. Scale of the Universe

3. Cartoonize

4. Akinator the Genie FREE

5. Facebook Faces

6. wishpush

7. Magic Secrets Explained

8. Thisissand

9. Silk


1) Want to see yourself like a hacker?

Hacker Typer-Intersting Websites You want to show your friends or boss as a fast hacker like in movies, but there really is no hacking skill? Even if you have done this, do you think that you can write a computer program for a long time? Do you enjoy typing indiscriminately out loud on the keyboard? If your answer is yes, then this Hacker Typer may be for you.

This program does not actually hack any computer and does not remotely communicate with any other computer. This is just a fun toy, which can be used to impress your friends with fake hacking skills. In this web site, time anything from the keyboard and see the magic.


2) Scale of the Universe:

 Scale of the Universe - Interesting Website An interactive flash animation show on this web has shown how big and small our universe is. Here we get to know how small we are compared to the Universe. It covers everything from the space-time structure of the Universe to the approximate size of the Universe. 
Here you can learn some basic facts of our Universe. You can see more and more things just by scrolling with your mouse. But this requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your PC.

Visit :: Scale of the Universe


3) Create your own cartoons in one click:

 Cartoon yourself in one click- Interesting Websites Directly, in one click, to give cartoon effect to your photo or picture, please visit this web site. Go to and upload your image from PC. Select the effect and add several items to give this image a funny look.

Visit :: Cartoonize


4) Ask the talented online:

 Akinator the Genie-Intersting WebsiteAkinator can read your mind and you can tell which character you are thinking about by just asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess. Would you dare to challenge the genie?

Amazing websites for fun
 popular websites

5) Facebook Faces:

 Thefacesoffacebook- Intersting Websites Have you ever seen the faces of thousands, or ten thousand or millions or one million persons, joined on the Fussbook site? You can get to see them here. Facebook users from all over the world have been included in an interactive mosaic called The Faces of Facebook. 

When you go to this site, you see many dots on the screen, actually those dots are Facebook's profile photo. By moving the mouse on these pixels, it tells you the number of users' photos are in a place. If you zoom in, you can see the profile pictures of the user.


6) Would you like to express one of your wishes?

 Wishppush- interesting Websites Humans have many desires and believe in them, if they ask for their wish in front of a falling star, then it will surely be fulfilled. So go to this site and let the star down and show your desire. Share this with those you care about and spread hope.

Visit: wishpush


7) Know the secret of magic:

 Secrets explained - Interesting Websites When it comes to magic, a true magician never reveals their secret. But if you do this by the magic giants, they do their most amazing magic and you are new to the world of magic, then here you will get some explanation of some basic techniques of magic.


8) Create amazing shapes from sand:

 This is sand - Interesting Websites Thisissand converts the pixels of your PC's screen into digital sand and then you can make any shape you want with this sand. Thisissand is a unique play ground to create and share amazing shapes with sand. Make this special sand pestle on your screen and make a shape.

Visit: Thisissand


 9) Create beautiful artwork on screen:

 weavesilk - Interesting Websites Silk is an interactive artwork producer. Relax, and do amazing works of art with silk. By moving the mouse, the silk fibers are mixed with you and weave them together to create a miraculous figure. You can change the color with the control button. You can easily save these beautiful images and also make a total ballpaper.

Visit: Silk


10) Find where you are in the world:

 GeoGuessr - Interesting WebsitesGeoGuessr is a web based web-based geographic search game that uses Google's StreetView images and exposes them to random players. You have to guess where they are at by looking at them.

Visit: GeoGuessr


11) Useless web:

 The Useless Web - Interesting Websites The Internet is a wonderful and renewable source of interesting and useful information about the world we live in and the stuff we love. You can visit many sites here and you can blow your mind. Every time you click the "PLEASE" button, it will redirect you to a new interesting and entertaining site.

 We believe that after visiting these 11 cool and interesting websites, you will feel fresh and you will also have a good time pass. I like this The faces of facebook  the most that you can use to timepass.  

So which of these websites did you like? In the comment, tell the name of your favorite interesting site and if you know about any good interesting website besides these, then definitely tell about it in the comment section.

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